Registration instructions

Step one

In order to be able to order darts equipment, you must register at www.darts-point.com as follows:

-click at the top of the page in the right corner of Login


Step two

-click Register now

Step three

-Fill in all required fields with registration information:

User account

Email: Enter your mail you are using

Username: Enter the desired username that you will use when logging in, eg Marko1234

Password: Enter the password you want to use when logging in

Repeat password: Re-enter the password you want to use when logging in

Personal data:

Required fields: Name, surname, address, post (postal code), location, country

Phone and mobile: It is advisable to enter your mobile number!

Delivery Information:

If the delivery address of the package is identical to the address entered in the personal information, just click the box as shown in the picture:

Click here to copy information from your personal information:

If the delivery address of the package is different than the one entered in the personal information, the information below must be filled in with the desired delivery address!


If you would like to receive a newsletter with information about new products, discounts, etc., click the checkbox to select it.



Last steps:

Read the Web Store Terms of Use and click to confirm I have read and agree to the Terms of Service:

Click on I am not a robot to confirm the registration and then click Save.

Upon completion of registration, you need to look at the mail to which you will receive a link to confirm the registration.

After confirming the registration, it is necessary to log in with the login information that was entered during registration.

For each subsequent order, you just need to sign in with your username and password.

Good luck with your shopping: -) !!!

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