Soft Tip Darts

RVB 95% 17G SOFT TIP DART 2017

Price: 710.00 HRK
Price: 93.83 €
Item Code: 100146-1202
Quantity: 2
Manufacturer: Target
Availability: Item available

Product description

Raymond van Barneveld Darts - Target Soft Tip Tungsten - RvB 95

Weight: 17G

Length: 50mm 

Width: 6,2mm

Material: Tungsten 95%

Target are pleased to be Introducing the 5 Time World Champion, Raymond Van Barneveld's 95% tungsten playing dart. Made to his exact specification, RVB's playing dart has been developed with Targets team of designers to produce excellent results for his unique throw. Cut with a combination of trapezoidal milling at the front end and more conventional radial grooves at the back. Black titanium coated, and fitted with Black Target Pixel Tips and Ultra Ghost Flights.

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